Ignacio Terés / Maestrazgo (Spain) /  What season suits you best?. In a small group it’s much easier to get off the beaten track, meet the people and experience authentic local life. The optimum time for walking is May and June. 


Ignacio Terés (Maestrex Experience)

UIMLA International Mountain Leader: I am a lover of loneliness and landscapes and I found my ideal place in Spain. Maestrex Experience provide guided and self guided walking and cycling trips. Both options are suitable for singles, couples and groups of friends.

Guided holidays are perfect for people who would like go to Maestrazgo with a small group and lead by locally based, English-speaking, expert guide.  . Look at our web site and try it.


Ignacio Teres Mountain LeaderMaestrazgo (Spain)

1.- Off the beaten path and contrasted landscapes: It means the really deep Spain, so out of tourism mainstream. Silence and, loneliness become the main feature, seeking character details, last time, ancient customs still in use and popular cuisine. A significant motivation factor is discovering secluded and original pattern within the landscapes.

2.- Waymarking & navigating quality: Quality of waymarking is very good and signs place along the routes (milestones, finger posts, signposts and single paint stripes. Guests are provided of suitable map sections (scales 1:25.000). Low risk area with regard to navigation, weather and communications.

3.- Sport challenge & Health: Healthy holidays. Delightful and long enough circuits to enjoy hedonistic sportive challenge. Trekking or cycling. Demanding routes village to village. Options for shorter route.


4.- Culture: Feeling the pull of time passed and its future of time being. Traditions, legends, evocative images. Appreciation of the people and places.

5.- Booking – meeting & briefing: You should expect most booking confirmed instantly with us by e-mail, and guaranteed as soon as you receive this confirmation. Deposits are not needed in most of programs simplifiying booking and making it less complicated. Briefing at spot is delivered.

6.- Guided program: UIMLA Mountain Leader Certificate with practical experience within the last 15 years.

7.- Nearest airports: Zaragoza, Barcelona, Reus, Castellón, Valencia.


What season suits you best?


WeatherThe weather can be unpredictable at any time of this period, however  although normally the temperature oscillates between -4 to 25 above zero, April and September are mild with sunny mornings and cool afternoons when the sun sets. The temperatures range 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. Early March gets cold and have snowfalls so walkers should be prepared for bad condition. In  general, rain is scant, with the most rainfall in April. Wind always appears and might be uncomfortable in April. 

Clothes: Polar, Gore-Tex jacket, short trousers -mostly at the end of April and September-, walking boots. Don’t forget your solar cream and hat. Trekking poles could be interesting

Price: Always standard. No use of dynamic pricing depending of seasons.


Weather: The optimum time for walking is May and June. It may be heat storms at the end of the day (July). In some cases, these are brief but torrential. The warmest months extend from mid-July until almost the end of August with temperatures that can reach 38 degrees.

Landscape: flowers are in bloom, and there are.The beauty of blooming flowers and trees make it one of the most picturesque and pleasant seasons in which to travel. Those who love photography will find it a season of lush, colorful blossoms.

Clothes: Gore-Tex jacket, poncho, short trousers, walking boots or training shoes, Don’t forget your solar cream and hat. Bath suit and trekking poles could be interesting.

Price: Always standard. No use of dynamic pricing depending of seasons.


Weather: Similar to April, although cooler and less sunny.

Landscape: You can enjoy the dynamic and changing beauty of the colorful autumn leaves.

Clothes: Polar, Gore-Tex jacket, walking boots. Don’t forget your solar cream and hat Trekking poles could be interesting

Light: Enjoy the view as the autumn light create rich colors and always bearing in your mind the evening light turn down at six pm.

Price: Always standard. No use of dynamic pricing depending of seasons.


Picture this: Labyrinth in Autumn



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