A landscape observer , takes relief, buildings, roads, villages as the base units, but then looks beyond them to get a feel for the character, the genius loci, the distinctive atmosphere of a place. Identifying the genius loci is essential to creating a timeless landscape.

Maestrazgo Genius Loci.

The easiest way to understand genius loci is to tap into your senses. History, taste, smell, sight and sound all contribute to spirit of place.

Caspar David Friedrich

Maestrex Experience select to you what is surely the last hidden corner of Spain. Have a healthy holiday. Challenge & Achievement: Six days walking from village to village (105 km trail). The most depopulated region in Western Europe and off the beaten path, MAESTRAZGO gives the hiker the impression of being the first person to set foot on these ways. In 1196 The Templar acquired dominion of these places united by rigid figure of the ”Maestre”(Master). The name Maestrazgo comes from this word.

Would you like to discover the spirit of the place?: Picture this.





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