Maestrazgo & The Labyrinth of Silence

2017 Mary Ruth (United States)

I did the Labyrinth of Solitude self-guided walking tour in May and it was a wonderful experience in every respect. I had wanted to try a walking tour for some time but was looking for a more solitary, out-of-the-way experience than some of the more popular routes. The Maestrex experience ended up being perfect. The routes were gorgeous and varied, and just challenging enough without being exhausting. Everyone I met, from owner Ignacio to each host, was welcoming and helpful. Everything was perfectly organized and coordinated. The accommodations were all very comfortable and pleasant, and the simple, well-prepared regional cuisine was a delight. For the price point, this is an incredible value, and I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants a great walking experience and a unique chance to get to know the beautiful Maestrazgo region of Spain. I would also be happy to share more details about my experience with anyone who is interested in this trip. Mary Ruth (Bronx, NY, USA)

2016 Wim & Marianne (België): We very much enjoyed the hiking tour through the Maestrazgo last week. The weather was great and  the landscapes were amazing .  We saw  birds, mammals  and flowers we had not seen before. The folks we stayed with for the night  and who provided us with dinner and breakfast where always very friendly and helpful. So in a nutshell, a trip we shall not forget.

2015 Birgitta från Lund, Sverige:  Att vandra en höstvecka i Maesdrazgo bergen är något jag verkligen rekommenderar! I en historiskt unik miljö och natur bland små bergsbyar, som klamrar sig…..Läs mer

2015 Jos & Nadine (België):Hi Ignacio, a few lazy days later, tomorrow leaving Spain, we look back on a super experience. Thank you!…Read more

2015 Anders Reizen & Maestrazgo (België): We were very pleased to have an experienced guide…Read more

2014 Anders Reizen & Maestrazgo (België): “Fantastische week!! genoten van dit geweldige gebied, de rust, de zon, culture en alle heerlijkheden van dit land. Ignacio, je heb je passie héél quad ancegebracht.”

“Maestrazgo: ruig,stil, bÿzonder mooi, lekker en Ignacio…..SUPER”. Read more

2013 Review centre: Speaking from experience:  Before we set out on our first day of our Maestrazgo trek, we wondered if route finding would be difficult as our trek wound its way from village to village in a remote sparsely populated part of Spain. We’d chosen the region for a spring/ early summer holiday as the hills/ mountains were between 1000 -2000 metres so unlikely to be troubled by melting snow. Read more 

2012 My wife and I chose the Labyrinth of Silence as a romantic destination: Maestrazgo in the spring will be a favorite memory for the rest of our lives. The beauty of the natural setting, with its profusion of wildflowers amid the rugged, rocky slopes; the timeless serenity of the small towns melding perfectly with the terrain. Read more

2012 Maestrazgo representerar det okända Spanien. Maestrazgo är det vilda och orörda Spanien – en bergig region på 1 000 km2 som ligger mellan Castellón och Teurel provinserna i landets nordöstra del. Man åker definitivt inte hit för att sola och bada. Läs mer.

2012 We wanted something really different this time, and found it….in the Labyrinth of Silence. My wife Tolle and I needed – and only had time for — a relatively short break from work.   I had for months been thinking about a self-guided walking vacation, packaged by one of the several companies that put these things together in countries around the world. Read more.

2009 Apologize for taking so long to thank you both for the wonderful walk we enjoyed in the Maestrazgo. It was indeed a labyrinth of silence (and of beauty). Read more.

2009 Good morning  Ignatio, Hope all is well with you.  Well, we found our way back home without having to phone you, and in one piece, except of course for a few blisters! We would like to thank you very much Ignatio…. Read more

2008 and previous…..Traveldiary reisgenoten: dear Ignacio
thank you again for the beautiful walking-holiday in the Maestrazgo – everything was perfect – I understand that you really love your “Maestrazgo” , the little villages, the people, the peaceful logies and hotels
we send you some pictures as a memory. Read more.

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