Guiris in Mastrathgo (Spanish course)

Would you like to sound more natural among the locals? Do you need to order a “pintje” ?. Make the Spanish you speak more useful and fun. Every week, we look at a different everyday mastrathgo phrase or piece of slang in this crazy place. By the way “guiri” means foreign tourist, so is not a pejorative term. See you soon.
Piet “The Teacher”.

Episode 1: Mas-‘trath-go

Episode 2: How to order beer in Mastrathgo

Episode 3: Masía & Mas 

Episode 4: Vale; Valeeee!!!; Vaaale;

Episode 5: uno solo, cortado, con leche, carajillo, americano. Coffee!!!

Episode 6: greetings in Mastrathgo.


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