Picos de Europa. Silence reverence

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Picos de Europa. Silence reverence

“Climb to the topmost mountain peak, gaze out across long chains of hills, and observe the rivers and all the magnificence that offers itself to your eye -what feeling take hold of you? There is a silent reverence within you; you lose yourself in infinitive space; silently, your whole being is purified and cleansed; your ego disappears. You are nothing”. Carl Gustav Carus. Romantic painter.


Picos Europa overview


Would you like to come to Picos de Europa?
What about these dates: from 22nd to 28th September?
And 5-days hiking? Guy, you should be fit, at least your legs should be. “Moderate” difficulty.
Price? Yeah, we don’t expect more than € 555.
Of course, it includes accommodation in full board, local transfers and mountain guide.


Picos de Europa


Then, here you are the program:
D1: September 22nd Saturday
Arrival. Fuente Dé. Ask me how to get (airport transfer and so)

D2: September 23rd Sunday.
Fuente Dé – Mirador del Cable – Collado Jermoso (mountain hut) – Fuente Dé. Circular route. Optional get on the Cable-cabin to save the very first step 700 m height .
Moderate+. Real time 6h. Total time 8h.

The starting point of this magnificent week will be Fuente Dé. From there we’ll hike to the Collado Jermoso Refuge, the oldest hut in Picos de Europa located in a really beautiful place in front of the Torre del Friero. We could take the cable cabin near 800 m up to the high mountains. Enjoy stunning views down the forested Liebana Valley and to the high limestone cliffs ahead of you. The final descent to Fuente Dé can be done by walking along the Jenduda channel or in the cable car if our legs have no more strength.


Refugio Collado Jermoso


D3: September 24th Monday.
Fuente Dé – Mirador del Cable – Cabaña Verónica (mountain hut) – Horcajos Rojos – optional ascent to Tesorero peak or Peña Vieja peak 2619 m height. Circular route. Optional get on the Cable-cabin to save the very first step 700 m height.
Moderate+. Real time 6h. Total time 8,5 h.

On day 3 we’ll walk 24 km circular to reach Cabaña Verónica where we’ll have lunch at . It’s a curious refuge built from the remains of an aircraft carrier. Our next goal day will be to ascend to Peña Vieja peak through the Horcados Rojos. At 2619m, the summit of Peña Vieja are the highest point we reach during the week. The top offers fantastic views of the Central and Eastern Massifs and is a fantastic icing on the cake of the day.

D4: September 25th Tuesday.
Ascent to Tresviso village. Return by the same way.12 km; 1143 m +; Highest point 900 m.
Moderate. Real time 5,5 h. Total time 7 h.

One of the most impressive ways of Los Picos de Europa by the slope that runs, about 800 m. With views to the Gorge of la Hermida and the Eastern massif or Andara. We start this morning with a short drive to Urdón from where we start our walk at 300 m. We follow old shepherds’ paths up to Treviso where we will stop for a lunch break en route. After lunch we will continue down the Balcon de Pilatos to Urdon.

Tresviso was trapped by snow for a month during winter 2015: “For the residents of Tresviso the isolation has taken them back to the time when the walls of snow were a yearly occurrence” “Every time the villagers hear the sound of the helicopter approaching through the snow-packed mountains, they breathe of relief”.

D5: September 26th Wednesday.
Río Cares Gorge. 22 km; 600 m +; Highest point 1960 m.
Moderate. Real time 5 h. Total time 6,5 h.

This morning we drive down through Alpine scenery to Puente Poncebos at 218 m. Here the medieval pack horse bridge spans over the Cares river. This marks the starting point for the walk through the dramatic gorge of the Garganta del Cares – a cleft over 1000 m deep and some 11 km long. The classic Cares Gorge has been described as the jewel in the crown of Spanish hiking. For 12 km, the engineered path has been blasted into the rock face. Originally built in the 1940s as part of a hydroelectric scheme, it is now one of the most popular walks in Spain. The path literally cuts into the cliffs in places; only with the aid of tunnels and bridges is it possible to traverse its entire length. The walk is relatively flat with a gradual ascent of just 350m from Puente Poncebos to Cain.


Cares Trail


D6: September 27 Thursday.
Naranjo de Bulnes. Circular. Poncebos-Bulnes-Vega Urriello mountain hut-Pandébanos-Bulnes.
Optional get on the Cable-train to save the very first step 600 m height.
18 km; 2000 m +; Highest point 1960 m.
Moderate++. Real time 7 h. Total time 10 h.

A spectacular walk takes you right into the heart of the Picos de Europas. First to Bulnes, small mountain village nestles in a deep valley of the central massif, and can be reached by funicular railway from Poncebos. Its only communications to the exterior used to be old donkey tracks until 2001, when a funicular railway was constructed. On the view, upwards, the Naranjo de Bulnes (Picu Urriellu 2,519m), rearing straight up from the surrounding rockscape, this rust-coloured mountain is the famous iconic image of the Picos. We walk up to the base where there is a refuge, well stocked with drinks and snacks. We retrace our steps to Pandebano and finally again reach Poncebos.

D7: September 28 Friday.
Farewell. Ask me how to go back (airport transfer and so).

Contact: info@maestrex.es

I firmly believe in the potential of landscape to serve as a vehicle for emotion, appealing to the imagination, fantasy and the heart as much as -or more than- the intellect.


Casper en Picos


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