Wandelvakantie Maestrex Experience | Els Ports | Spanje

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Wandelvakantie Maestrex Experience | Els Ports | Spanje

Trektocht. Gedurende eeuwen is deze streek een grensgebied geweest tussen aragonezen, en muzelmannen uit de Taifa van Valencia. Een buitengewone route om de meest kenmerkende berggebieden van het noordoosten van Spanje te leren kennen (Parque Natural Els Ports ).

7 days; 6 nights; 5 days walking. SPECIAL OFFER .

Moeilijkheidsgraad: B
Bagage: Picknickrugzak.
Logis: ***Hotel Font del Pas (Beceite), Font Ferrera Hut.
Groepreizen: Deelnemers 8-15.
Prijs: 565 € / person -15% off;
Data: 05/05 tot 11/05.
Inbegrepen: Begeleiding. Maaltijden vanaf avondmaal op dag 1 t.e.m. ontbijt op dag 7.
Niet Inbegrepen: Transport van woonplaats naar ontmoetingsplaats in Spanje (Beceite). Middagmaal dag van aankomst en vertrek.
Contact: info@maestrex.es

Coscollosa Ravine


Day 1. Barcelona – Beceite.

Visit Valderrobres

Day 2. Beceite – Penyagalera – Beceite.

Hiking day to get Penyagalera peak which forms a rocky line of conglomerate and limestone which marks the border between the provinces of Tarragona and Teruel. During ascent we can appreciate the thousands of years of eroding activity water. Depending on the weather, we can enjoy a dip in the Uldemó River. Finally get Beceite on foot.

Day 3. Beceite – Parrizal Gorge – Beceite.

Today, we are looking forward to a slightly calmer day. Matarranya river carves across the limestone cliffs drawing one of the Els Ports most admired ravines: Parrissal Congost, a combination of water, rock and forest. This walk runs alongside the river but avoids water holes with the help of footbridges. Always find fragmented trail segments on both riversides, sometimes at one side and some to another, which help us to continue the hike. Over 1h 20‘ path leads to El Congost (narrow corridor). The valley becomes narrower and the walls of the sides are closer. Optional at the afternoon: visit Valderrobres village. The village’s wealth came from XVI century and is reflected in its streets and noble palaces of Aragonese (Italian influence) style. 

Day 4. Beceite – Moles D’Arany – Font Ferrera Hut.

For the most part, we follow the PR route with its continuous ascents and descents. The highest part reaches Roca Morera and Moles de Arany, which have exceptional views. The itinerary continues among woody mixed masses of pines, holm oaks.

Day 5. Font Ferrera Hut – Tossal Peak – Sant Miguel Espinalvar – Beceite.

Our route leads us into the Natural Park of La Tinença de Benifassá. We leave the dense forest that surrounds Font Ferrera  and head up to Tozal Tres Reis, 1350 m (Here we get a fantastic panoramic view towards Mediterranean Sea). It marks the border between the provinces of Tarragona, Castellón and Teruel. We then walk down to the Hermitage of Sant Miguel de Espinalvar. From here we walk in almost constant sloping terrain down to Pena Reservoir and finally Beceite to enjoy again the meals from Hotel Font del Pas.

Day 6. Beceite – Rocas de Benet.

Fifteen – minutes long transfer by car. Hiking day through Els Estrets canyon and Rocas de Benet which form a rocky line of conglomerate and limestone relief. The scenery that surrounds us: pine forest, boxwood, steep rock walls and capricious sharp spires.The way reaches Rocas Benet peak, excellent observation point, with magnificent views over Terra Alta region -mediterranean landscape showing the trilogy olive grows, almonds and vineyards.


Day 7. Farewell.

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