Spanish and Hiking. Maestrazgo (Spain)

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Spanish and Hiking. Maestrazgo (Spain)

Guiris in Mastrath-go: 27/06-03/07

A totally full-immersion week 26/06-03/07: enjoy a hiking vacation while speaking spanish. Guiris in Mastrath-go is the funniest way to brush up on your Spanish skills. The spaniard eclectic team is made up by six hikers and the mountain leader. A wealthy range of experiences from 17 to 60 years old people.

The Seven Magnificent team  offers you whatever topic you want.

Only 2 vacancies!!!

1.- Is it right for me?


The week is not for complete beginners. You need at least level B2. You can read and understand the newspaper and the TV. You can express your opinions individually and in a group. An intensive learning experience out of the classroom recommended to upper-intermediate / advanced spanish speakers and over all, to hiking enthusiast and lovers of spanish history, culture and way of life.

Continue practicing your language skills while hiking through Maestrazgo mountain range.

2.- Hiking grading.

What it requires is and adventurous spirit and basic fitness. The route follows long distance path GR-8. You walk on ancient footpaths and drovers routes used for generations by villagers and farmers. Paths are good quality ones but rough underfoot in places. There are no vertiginous sections.

A EASY: You walk for 2 to 4 hours during the day. Easy treks are short at altitudes (less than 400 m). Experience is not necessary at this level. Anyone who is in good health can manage an easy grade.

B MODERATE A walking day would normally be between 4 to 7 hours long. Altitude gain is +600 m. Experience is not necessary at this level but you need to be in good health and reasonably fit.

The hill walks are taken at a gentle pace. Your unforgettable local experience.



3.- Day by day. Do I have free time during the trip?.

Sure you have. In some proposals you even can, if you wish, not taking part in the excursions or visits of the day. In this territory, the traveller will not find noisy streets full of other traveller, only time for stroll, contemplation, for an exciting book or chat it with companions and locals.

Guiris in Mastrath-go combines nature as well as cultural immersion. Outdoor Learning: Spanish listening and speaking during hikes and excursions. Topics: not only Maestrazgo’s history, the medieval transhumance path, traditional economy, lifestyle and architecture, but also music, political situation, sports, whatever topic you want introduce.

It is a guided tour village to village: Day hikes in the region may last 4-6 hours and are suitable for outdoor novices and above. The programme of daily activities also offers round-the-clock informal Spanish conversation and vocabulary-building too. All the activities are run in Spanish and organised with local experts. Rarely a bar is passed without stopping for a cool beer inspiring meeting of minds and a fun exchange of languages, cultural anecdotes, ideas and experiences.

Spanish and Hiking team


4.-  Price: €550.


  • 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners.
  • 7 nights accommodation in hotels and B&B on a single room with en-suite facilities.
  • Luggage transfer
  • Information pack by e-mail including route notes & maps
  • Picnics
  • Travel insurance (Spanish mainland)
  • Taxes.

Not Included

  • Travel to Molinos and back at the end of the tour.
  • Unscheduled transfers required during the trip.
  • Extensions

At the time of booking we offer our usual 8 days program. However if you want any other alternative, please, ask about and you will be informed.

What time do you eat breakfast and dinner?

Do not worry, not at typical Spanish time, not at all. Breakfast: 8:30 / Dinner: 20:30.

5.- Testimonials / Picture this: Maestrazgo


6.- What is the weather like?

The Maestrazgo region temperatures ranges from -10 C to 35 C. August is the warmest month with daily average highs around 28 C. June/July are also hot months and the sunniest months with 18 hours of sun per day. Summer storms are possible.


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