"Walking & cycling holidays. Maestrazgo (Spain)"

Local specialist: Expertise and Passion.


Ignacio Terés / Maestrazgo (Spain) /  What season suits you best?. In a small group it’s much easier to get off the beaten track, meet the people and experience authentic local life. The optimum time for walking is May and June. 


Would you like to come with us? Are you interested on Maestrazgo and The Best Kept Secret however you never heard about it? Hold your horses and don’t judge a book by its cover. Look at these points of view from the previous hikers. Do you trust on their experiences?


A landscape observer , takes relief, buildings, roads, villages as the base units, but then looks beyond them to get a feel for the character, the genius loci, the distinctive atmosphere of a place. Identifying the genius loci is essential to creating a timeless landscape.

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Picos de Europa. Silenciosa reverencia.

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Parte II. De la contemplación a la meta experiencia.   Convertimos el territorio en...

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